The river of Your Mercy

Oh Lord God, I lift my voice 
Powered by Your mercy; 
Your Gracious Mercy 
That feeds every minute of my hour …
Every hour of  my day ,
That sustains my spirit,
That nourishes my bones;
The Only Mercy
That fights my sin,
That saves my soul ;
The Immense Glorious Mercy
That feeds and feeds and feeds… 
The very little moment of my life 
Filled with the  immensity of Your Grace;
Your Mercy Is all I need!
Oh Lord , I lift my voice 
In thanks 
to praise you , 
to proclaim your name ,
The power, the source , the fountain
Of the living river of Mercy!
The river of Mercy, running through me 


Oh Lord ,in Your Glory!

I see You in everything 

Lord keep me towards Your face
Where is mercy 
Where is forgiveness
Where is Love 
Where is peace !
Please Lord don’t let me escape from your vision
Keep my eyes chained to Your face !
I take a step and I see mercy , I see You 
I open my mouth , I swallow , I breath and see Love ,  I see You 
I talk and I see Glory , I see You God 
I pray and I see Forgiveness , I see You Lord God Jesus
I labor and I see wisdom , I see God
I am happy and I see Love in me God !
When I suffer I see Your will , I see You God!