Our human body is a temple beautifully designed and created by God.

It doesn’t exist because of an wheelchair , It is not sustained by crutches.

This Temple graciously raised by God, It is powered by our Lord God!


About Me

I was blessed with one more merciful chance to live after being diagnosed with cancer osteo-sarcoma. The curing process was crafted by a passionate doctor involving tough sessions of chemotherapy and extensive surgery and now , after a year from diagnostics, I am in recovery phase.


I never had a major health issue in my whole life until now- in my 50s and sometimes I was reflecting that I was strong and nothing would ever happen to me – I was playing sports, exercising regularly, having a balanced diet – everything by the book !( at least I thought) .Obviously I was given multiple “second” chances throughout all my life and I was proudly chasing glories of my own successes in my profession of engineering ,managing Information Technologies , in educating my kids , in dedicating time for my family . 


Alas, I ignorantly missed the whole point of my life -glorification of God’s infinite grace, which is the foundation of everything else.